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Wednesday, April 24

Hey, friends. I had an awesome lengthy post in mind for you today but my dang internet was being a pain in the you-know-what last night. AS SUCH, that post just wasn't happening. Please accept this ode to the Great Gatsby as my apology. We'll return to our regularly scheduled programming shortly.

First up, Lana Del Rey's new song. I've been obsessing over it, much like everyone else seems to be. Her voice is so spooky. As is her complete lack of expression. I love it. (Apologies for the super creepy freeze frame of her face and nails - I couldn't find a better version of the song on youtube ;)

I am so excited that Baz Luhrmann is doing this movie. It's going to be so stunning. The Great Gatsby was one of my fave required readings in high school. I can hardly wait.

(Also, note the music in this trailer - that whole soundtrack is going to be bonkers.)

There's also a newer trailer but I like this one best.

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