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Eye (Phone) Candy

Monday, April 22

It’s time for another round of Eye (Phone) Candy, friends. These snaps are from a trip to Home Sense (my home away from home) last week – and this time, I remembered to note the prices! Here are the scores I spotted:

An awesome patio décor section that makes me SO excited for summer. How great would these lanterns be around your patio with glass votives in them?
$19.99 - $24.99
So many cute garden stools, all around $60. Home Sense has a ton of Cynthia Rowley stuff in right now and it’s SO cheerful and fun.
Bulldog bookend, anyone?
A new take on Foo Dogs. Personally, I’m a fan of the classic – but if you want something more modern, these navy lacquered ones were perched on Lucite bases and were $50 for the pair!
Y’all know my love of cakestands. (Not entirely sure why I just said y’all.) These are super cute at varying heights, all with domed lids.
Lots of cute spring platters – perfect for a Mother’s Day brunch:
Awesome elephant mirror.
Gold bamboo mirror. Perfection.
$50.00 (Clearance)
And this swirly mirror too. The photo does not do the size justice. That baby was massive.
Gorgeous patterned mirror. Really wanted to bring this one home, even though it goes with nothing I currently possess.
A cute floral print. In general, I’m not a fan of generic mass-produced art. With places like Etsy at your fingertips, there’s no reason to buy some generic mass-produced piece of crap. (Too harsh?) But on a rare occasion, I’ve gone for it. The pink floral“painting” in my room is actually from the HomeSense clearance section! When I do go for mass-produced art, I try to look for pieces that give the illusion of actually being painted. See how you can see the raised paint on the second image? Totally manufactured, I know – but makes it look like it *could* be an original.
Awesome textured lamp base. Not too sure about the black shade, but that’s an easy fix.
Emily Henderson featured a very similar lamp in her “styling must-haves” post last week – these are simple but still interesting and fun.
$59.99 each
Pillows galore! And all but one for $25 or less. You know I loved this leopard one.
Super cute metallic.
Grey wood grain? Yes, please.
You can’t tell from the photo but this pillow was huge. Muted colours. So pretty.
Embroidered goodness.
Again, the sheer size of this basket isn’t captured in this photo. It’s huge. Would make a great laundry bin in your closet, blanket storage next to a couch, or toy basket in a kid’s room.
Goooorgeous striped chairs on “distressed” wood. Would be stunning around a dining table with one of those armchairs in back at the head and foot.
$129.99 (armless) & $199.99 (with arms)
Wooden garden cart with metal top. Awesome as a garden cart. OR as a bar. Or an entryway console.
Or a teensy little island in a small kitchen.
Cheery and graphic rug.
White-washed wood dresser with metal trim.
Cute floral occasional chair. Would be great in the corner of a bedroom or as a pair of guest chairs in an office. (Note the legs were dark brown – the red is just a protective cover.)
Decanters for your fancy new garden-cart bar ;)
$7.99 each
Gorgeous polka dotted and brightly-coloured sheet sets.
$50 - $70
$50 - $70
And a cheery quilt for the foot of your bed.
SO many cute outdoor cushions.
$29.99 - $39.99
$29.99 - $39.99
$16.99 - $39.99
$19.99 each
$19.99 each
Galvinized steel tubs for your summertime patio parties. Can’t you just picture this full of ice and adult beverages?
And galvanized steel 6-packs… perfectly sized for those jumbo beers Garrison & Propeller sell ;)
And that’s it for this trip! See anything you want to pop in and pick up? (These photos were taken at the Dartmouth Home Sense, if that helps!)


  1. Cute pics - love the yellow and grey pillow!

  2. Love the inspiration! Definitely just got a mothers day idea. Thanks lovely!

  3. I've been planning a trip to Home Sense - we need to pick up some sort of storage ottoman situation to keep Eli's toys under control in the living room, and I was hoping they'd have a cute, cushiony, printed one. There are SO MANY THINGS in this post that I want! Pillows! Galvanized tubs! Polka dot sheets! GIMME.

    1. Haha, they did have bright orange patterned cushiony storage ottomans! I would have included them in the post but my photo turned out blurry. I'm not sure if neon orange goes with your decor, haha - but maybe an option ;)

  4. Home Sense looks a lot like Home Goods (which I love!) I'm following along! Stopped by from Bre's blog hop :)

    1. Thanks for following, Adriana! I think Home Sense is actually just the Canadian version of Home Goods. SUCH a great store, right? Popping over to your blog now :)


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