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Splish Splash

Wednesday, April 10

I love bathrooms. Is that a weird thing to say? There are fewer interchangeable decorative aspects to a bathroom but that doesn't mean bathrooms have to be boring. There are so many different little finishes to pick that you can have a ton of fun adding personality. Personally, I love when a bathroom has a crisp white base. Add in a few wood accents to warm it up, a dark floor to ground it, and a few blingy bits for pizzazz and you've got the bathroom of my dreams.

Here are a few of my favourites:
Photo by Henri Del Olmo, via Cote Maison
Chris Kralik via Lake Jane
Monya & Jeremy Eastman, via Design Sponge
via Better Homes & Gardens
I've shared this bathroom before but it's one of my all-time favourites, so you get to see it again!
And here's what I came up with:

Eclectic Bathroom

  1. Gorgeous free-standing tub. I will have this in my bathroom someday.
  2. Complete with brushed bronze wall-mount faucet.
  3. A glittery overhead light fixture.
  4. Fun metal fish hooks for hanging towels.
  5. Cute chemist and baker's jars to store cotton swabs and the like.
  6. A (framed) print featuring a beautiful quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  7. Very cool looking brushed bronze shower head.
  8. In a separate shower clad with polished white limestone subway tiles and trimmed with honed bianco marble pencil tile
  9. Modern yet classic toilet. (Note: Toilets should only ever be white. Any other colour will date very quickly...and probably always look dirty. Have we learned nothing from the 70s/80s?)
  10. Crisp white towels.
  11. Gorgeous black pebble mosaic for all floors, including the shower. I would use a dark black grout - so that the floors looked and felt textured, rather than pebbled.
  12. Midcentury dresser, converted into a bathroom vanity...
  13. With mirrored mercury glass knobs...
  14. And a pair of white oval-shaped countertop sink basins...
  15. Each complete with a modern brushed bronze faucet and taps.
  16. A simple mirror, hung on its side above the vanity.
  17. And matching metal light fixtures above each sink basin.
P.S. A lot of these pieces come from Home Depot!


  1. I love white interiors. It's a perfect background colour to bring attention on furniture, paintings or any cute decorations, like here in those perfect bathrooms;)



    1. Agreed! Thanks for stopping by, Alexandra!


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