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Wise words

Monday, March 18

I've had this canvas lying around for months - since I lived in Ontario. I've known what I wanted to do with it for ages but for some reason, kept putting it off. Well, I finally got around to it this weekend and it was SO simple. I have no idea why I left it so long. Here's what I did:

My supplies:
Instead of giving the canvas a coat of regular white paint, I sprayed it with 3 thin coats of flat white spray paint, letting it dry for 8-10 minutes between coats.
Then, came the hard part - deciding what to write on it. I knew I wanted to pull inspiration from my "words" board on Pinterest, but narrowing down the exact words I wanted to use was the tough part. These were some of the final contenders:

When I finally selected the winning words, I wrote them out lightly in pencil in the lower left corner of the canvas. I used washi tape to help with even spacing.
When I was happy with how they looked, I used my gold paint pen to trace over the pencil. (I also had a gold sharpie - but I liked the look of the paint pen best). The gold paint glitters in the sunlight - you can kind of see it in the word "fire" below.
Et voila!
The desk placement is just temporary - I'm not entirely sure where it's going to end up. I may end up adding something else to it too but for now I like it how it is.


  1. VB: Where do you get washi tape in Canada? I've been looking everywhere, but maybe not hard enough. Share your secrets! -DL (ps hi!)

    1. Hey lady! I get mine from Etsy but I've seen it at Michael's too! (In the scrapbooking section). Hope that helps!

    2. Awesome, thanks!


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