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These are a few of my favourite things.

Tuesday, March 19

I love hearing about products that other people swear by - so today, I thought I'd share a few of my absolute favourites - just in case you're on the lookout for something new!

Skin & Hair Products:

Simple Facial Wipes: I love these makeup removing wipes. I started using a different brand years ago and have never switched back to regular cleanser. I discovered Simple products last summer and I really like how gentle these are. They also have an exfoliating version, which is amazing.

Clinique Acne Solutions: I used to use the whole 3-step Clinique system but eventually realized that Step 2 was really all I needed. (This may not be the case for everyone - I'm just sharing what worked for me). This clarifying lotion basically acts as an exfoliator. When I forget to use it, I can practically feel the build-up on my skin.

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream: I bought a sample of this moisturizer just before Christmas and I've been obsessed with it ever since. If you have combination skin, this one is great. It's light and fresh, but still moisturizing - and it keeps you from getting shiny.

Lush BIG Sea Salt Shampoo: I was skeptical about this one when the salesgirl recommended it but I think it's probably the best shampoo I've used in years. It's a little drying but my hair is full of life afterwards.

The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream: I used their famous hemp hand cream for awhile but was always turned off by the smell. This one smells AMAZING and it's just the right amount of moisture for me. If you've got really dry hands though, it may not be strong enough.


Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner: I actually got this eyeliner in my Luxe Box but I'll definitely be buying another when this one runs out. It works like a marker, so it's super easy to apply. Takes me 20 seconds in the morning to do both eyes - way faster than with any other liquid or gel liner I've used.

Clinique BB Cream: I am fully on board with the BB Cream craze. If you haven't used it - you should totally try it out. It's basically a moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sometimes sunscreen in one. It makes your skin look flawless and natural. BB creams only come in a few colours but they adapt to match your skin tone (PH balance, I'm assuming). I'm crazy pale with pink undertones and a lot of foundations look too orangey on me - so I was skeptical that I could find a match in only 3 shades. It totally works though - I use the lightest one and it blends right in.

L'Oreal Voluminous False Fibre Lashes: THIS IS THE BEST MASCARA EVER. End of story. No discussion. Gets even better with age. (Is that gross?)


I'm rarely without polish - but I hate paying for manicures. I always feel like I can do it better myself (and often I can - remember this?). I'm an Essie addict, and these are a few of my classics:
I also swear by that Sally Hansen top coat. I tell everyone about it. I even put it in my Mom's stocking. There's nothing better for at-home manicures. You wait 2 minutes after your second coat of colour, apply the top coat, and 30 seconds later your nails are dry to the touch. It's a life changer. Well, a manicure's life changer, haha.

Have you guys tried any of these? Any products you swear by?


  1. Ooo yay! A few of these are now on my shopping list! (Especially that topcoat for nail polish... with a little one I need these babies to dry fast!) :)

    1. Awesome! You'll love the top coat! A total game-changer :)

  2. Ok, I need to try some of these! I'v heard lots about the BB creams lately but wasn't sure that the deal was. Great post :)


    1. Thanks lady! I've heard the L'Oreal BB Cream is good too - and a bit cheaper if you just want to try it out.


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