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Local Love

Thursday, March 14

Equilateral Ocean.
Today I wanted to share the work of local artist, Jane Rovers. Jane is crazy talented. Her work has been featured on Design*Sponge and The Glitter Guide - so you know she's good.

Jane grew up here in Nova Scotia and learned how to paint, sew, and draw from her grandmother - someone who continues to be a major source of encouragement for Jane today (at 95 years old!). Trained as a graphic designer, Jane creates her beautiful art by layering texture, light, and colour over photographs. I can't get enough of the gorgeous colours and geometric shapes, which Jane says were inspired by her love of the 1920's (She says she always wanted to be a flapper and dance the Charleston). A lot of Jane's inspiration comes from her surroundings - "nature, old architecture, people, stories, colours and texture." I especially love how so much of her work features the water. How fitting of a fellow Nova Scotian ;)

Here are a few of my favourites (click on the name of the piece to be taken to Jane's shop):
Surf's Up.
On the Wire.
Good Morning Lake.
High Water. 
Chevron Harvest.
In a Mist.
Deco Ocean.
I think 'In a Mist' may have to find a home with me soon, although 'Surf's Up' and 'Good Morning Lake' are also close contenders. What about you? Any favourites?

Jane currently lives in the Annapolis Valley with her husband Steve, young son Jude, and dog Sammy.
You can find Jane's website here. And her shop here.

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