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Friday, March 15

In my head:

On my mind:

Erin's insane kitchen. And adorable mudroom.
Have been craving a fancy Drawing Room style drink since last weekend. (Is that bad?) This would do.
And a bagel.
Also, I may have finally found my new mousepad. DIY. You know it.

In my line of sight:

Finally had a chance to pop into Bridge Brewing myself. Not only is their beer good - the storefront is AWESOME.
The most perfect Canadiana pillow at Roots. Except for the fact that it seems to be missing a few provinces... Sorry, New Brunswick.
Macbooks and MiniEggs. You know how it is.
Spotted this beauty at The Gap. And onto the wishlist, it goes.
And lastly, the postman was REAL nice to me this week. My Starbucks Gold card finally arrived! As did an item from last month's wishlist...
And I'm out! May the luck of the Irish be with you this weekend ;)

P.S. Linked up to From My Grey Desk's High Five for Friday again! If you're visiting from over there, welcome!


  1. Wow, Starbucks gold card, that is some serious coffee drinking! I'm right there with ya! I love the idea of the wishlist, I've been trying to do that too with stuff I don't really "need". New follower- found you via H54F:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Alison! (And the follow!). The wishlist is great in theory - but only works if you stick to it, haha. I tend to be good about not impulse buying expensive stuff, but I'm horrible for buying lots of little things that add up :P


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