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Monday, March 11

So friends. I just started using BlogLovin...
How did I not know about this magical thing before? If you follow one milllllion blogs, like I do - this will be your saving grace. You sign up (free and easy), choose the blogs you want to follow, and (at least for Google Chrome) install a little button up in the top right corner of your browser. THEN, it gets a little red notification button, like so:
...which tells you if any of the blogs you follow have new posts. That way, you don't have to keep popping back to check! Plus - with a single click, you can flip between posts on different blogs until you get to the end of the new stuff. AND you can pin, facebook, or tweet directly from the toolbar. I'm a little obsessed.
Screenshot of how bloglovin' looks when you're on a site - in this case, Ring My Bell
If you want to follow me (and I'd love it, if you did!) - just click the little heart button on the right sidebar! Merci!

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